Benefits of Skipping

Skipping Workout Graphic -  Image Text says: Do Each exercise for 1 minute. For beginners do 30 seconds of 30 seconds on. Decrease your rest time to make it harder! Basic Jump, Alternate Leg, High Knees, Hop on Right Leg, Hop on Left Leg, Criss Cross.  Repeat 3 repeats to to work up a proper sweat!

Weather you are someone who is looking to up your workout game or at the beginning of your fitness journey you can not go wrong with skipping. Skipping is something that most of us will remember fondly of children, I for one would skip morning noon and night as a child! So why did we stop? If it was fun then, it can still be equally as fun now.

Jumping rope is show to burn more calories than running or walking. On average you can burn upwards of 10 calories a minute speed skipping. 

Discussing around the office, we found that reason we are all such skippers, is due to its convenience. You can workout literally anywhere, the park, your garden and even your hall. We pack it whenever we are going on a over night stay or a holiday. It takes up practically no room and we know that we can get our cardio burn in!

One of personal favourite workouts is outlined the picture on top of this blog post! I try to this as a warmup for my workout or i make it make it by workout by repeating 3 times!

The rope that I and my team use is the Adjustable length skipping rope. We love this Speed rope as it never tangled while skipping. We found that this was the best jump rope we have used and this is why our team decided to stock it! It uses a ball bearings system that ensures stable and relaxed rotation. The rope is coated in PVC to ensure that it is long lasting. The handles are comfortable, breathable and non stick, making it ideal for any user!