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Sure Shot Rio Badminton Racket

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The Rio Badminton racket from Sure Shot – one of the leading brands in Badminton

The Rio model has a one-piece design with a steel shaft and light aluminium head. The racket includes an Isometric head shape – designed to increase the sweet spot of the racket and offer greater power on contact. The racket is a one-piece optic construction to increase the strength and durability of the racket overall. The racket is supplied strung with white LawnTex string at a standard tension of 18 – 20 lbs and weighing 102 grams overall.

A great value racket for the improving player – with a bold green, yellow and white finish with ‘Rio’ graphic details.

Length:                         26.35” / 66cm Adult Length

Construction:               One-piece        

Head:                           Isometric Light Aluminium head

Shaft:                           Tempered Steel shaft

Grip size:                      G2

Grip:                            PVC

String:                          Lawntex White nylon

String Tension:             18 – 20lbs

Weight:                        102 grams    

Colour:                         Green, Yellow and White colour scheme with ‘Rio’ detail