Sport Essentials’ Washing Instructions

Follow these simple steps to help keep your leotards/leggings/jackets etc in perfect condition

  • Please turn all garments inside out prior to washing
  • Place your garment inside a pillowcase (This will help to prevent abrasion in the wash)
  • Machine wash in cold water using a gentle cycle
  • DO NOT use bleach, detergents or fabric conditioner
  • Remove from the water and hang to dry immediately
  • DO NOT tumble dry
  • DO NOT leave folded when wet
  • DO NOT lay flat to dry

(please note that many modern washing agents contain bleaches and detergents and must not be used. We recommend the use of pure soap flakes to preserve the look of your garments.)  

Metallic/Foiled fabrics may dull with wear and repeated washings. Areas that incur friction or are in contact with perspiration or deodorant may show some loss of foil. Sport Essentials cannot accept responsibility for any effect on the fabric caused by deodorants. 

If your garment contains sensitive colour combinations i.e. both dark and light colours, always wash in a large volume of water on a gentle cycle to prevent colour bleeding.

Washing instructions can be found on our website and also included in orders upon dispatch. Sport Essentials cannot accept responsibility for garments that have not been washed in accordance with these instructions.